Richard III – The DNA Analysis & Conclusion

Dr Turi King and Professor Kevin Schϋrer discuss the findings of the genetic and genealogical analysis in the King Richard III case. This includes coverage of all the genealogical research, and the results of the mitochondrial and Y chromosome analysis. It also includes the genetically-predicted hair and eye colour of Richard III as well as the results of the Bayesian analysis of all the evidence in the case to come to a conclusion about the identity of Skeleton 1 from the Greyfriars in Leicester. The producers of the clip wish to express their grateful thanks to the Royal Collection Trust, Society of Antiquaries of London, Michael Ibsen, Wendy Duldig, Anooshka Rawden and John Holt. This clip was produced by Dr Turi King and Professor Kevin Schϋrer and filmed and edited by Carl Vivian.

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Uploaded Fri December 5, 2014