Richard III - The Judicial Review Decision

High Court upholds Ministry of Justice licence that was granted to the University of Leicester, permitting reinterment at Leicester Cathedral. The University of Leicester has retained the right to proceed with the reinterment of King Richard III in Leicester. The University had pledged in 2012 that, should Richard be discovered, he would be reinterred in Leicester. The Ministry of Justice granted the University an exhumation licence to proceed. When the University of Leicester confirmed that its archaeologists had discovered King Richard III, the University announced it would proceed with the reinterment at Leicester Cathedral. But the licence was then challenged by a group of pro-Yorkists called the Plantagenet Alliance who stalled the reinterment process leading to a protracted wrangle in the Courts. Now the High Court has decided to allow the reinterment to proceed. Representatives of the Cathedral Quarter Partnership Board (including Leicester Cathedral, Leicester City Council, University of Leicester and Leicestershire County Council) met with media at a press conference at Leicester Cathedral to comment on the outcome of the Judicial Review.

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Uploaded Wed March 25, 2015