Richard III - Date of the Reburial

The date of the service in which King Richard lll will be finally laid to rest will be Thursday 26th March 2015. This is one of three services which will remember the life and death of the only Monarch of England without a marked grave. The mortal remains of Richard lll will be taken from the University of Leicester on Sunday 22 March and after a journey through the county and city will be received into the care of Leicester Cathedral on the evening of 22nd March, will lie in repose for 3 days and will be reburied on the morning of Thursday 26th. The following days, Friday 27th and Saturday 28th March, will mark the end of the journey with the reveal of the tomb and a service to mark the completion of the reinterment, and events which will look to the future having laid the King to rest. This service will form part of a 7-day programme of events in Leicester and Leicestershire, centred on Richard lll. On Sunday 22nd March the University of Leicester - whose team discovered King Richard III and formally identified him after extensive research - will transfer the mortal remains into a lead-lined coffin, which will travel from Leicester to Bosworth, remembering the life the King lost and his journey in 1485. Villages related to Richard lll last days will be included, remembering key moments of King Richard’s last days. Returning to the city with honour and dignity, accompanied by a dignified cortege and as befitting a king, the coffin will arrive at the Cathedral in the early evening and be transferred to the care of The Church during a service of reception.

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Uploaded Wed March 25, 2015