King Richard III Visitor Centre

More than 500 years after the death of the last English king to die in battle, the story of one of history’s most controversial monarchs has been brought to life once again in a stunning new visitor centre. King Richard III – who was slain at Bosworth Field in 1485, brought back to Leicester and buried in a makeshift grave which lay lost for centuries – once again takes centre stage at this new exhibition. The centre, entitled ‘King Richard III: Dynasty, Death and Discovery,' guides visitors through the dramatic story of the king's life, brutal death and the fascinating story of his rediscovery. Told through state-of-the-art interactive displays and demonstrations and colourful hands-on exhibits. ‘Dynasty’ tells the much debated story of the king’s life and times in a medieval England racked by decades of fighting in the Wars Of The Roses, detailing Richard’s rise to power as the last king from the great house of Plantagenet. ‘Death’ gives visitors the chance to learn about the key players in the Battle of Bosworth and how betrayal led to the king being cut down in the thick of battle whilst defending his crown. This remarkable turn of events saw Henry VII seize the crown and ushered in a new chapter in the English monarchy: the Tudor dynasty. Finally, ‘Discovery’ unearths the astonishing story of the archaeology, science and painstaking analysis that led to the rediscovery and identification of the long-lost remains of the king after excavating a grave beneath a car park which was the former site of the medieval friary of the Grey Friars. Completing the visitor experience will be a chance to visit the site of King Richard’s grave, preserved in a quiet, respectful setting and with a contemplative atmosphere fitting for the last resting place of a slain warrior and anointed monarch.

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Uploaded Wed March 25, 2015